AiC Members - In The News! (June 2017)

  • “We have a very narrow vision of what technology can enable right now because we have very low participation. I’m excited to see what people create when it’s no longer just the domain of the tech elite, what happens when we open this up, that’s what I want to be part of enabling." - Collegiate Award Winner Joy Buolamwini. Read more.
  • “Ever since I was a young girl, I have always dreamed of being an influential figure in STEM and inspiring others to do the same.” ~ AiC Community Member Anjali Gupta. Read more.
  • “For me, that’s the best thing we can do: allow young girls to see how it really is in the real world, instead of just talking about it.” // AiC Community Member Serena Davis looks back on high school and forward to college in the Jewish Journal
  • We so excited to share the video from the recent Las Vegas Affiliate Award for Aspirations in Computing awards ceremony! Congratulations to all of the winners, and what an amazing event. Watch the clip here.
  • We spy a shout out to our Wyoming Affiliate Award for #NCWITAiC17 winners! Congrats to everyone. Read more
  • “What I hope they learn is not only that they are able to create technology products, but that there are also other women that look like them in the technology industry. And, I also hope that they understand, that while they may not want to build websites later on in life, that technology is an integral part of their everyday life." ~ AiC Community Member and #AspireIT Leader Khalia Braswell on her recent #AspireIT camp. Way to go, Khalia! Read the article here
  • Picture it: an app that rewards students for keeping their cell phones locked during the school day. Sounds like every teacher's dream, right? Well, AiC Community Members Shivani Vyas and Jenna Bousellam are making it a reality with their app, ChargerPoints. // "The goal of this app is to get the phones out of the students' hands; in class, in school, any time associated with school. So, we give points to students that are in class, school, not using their phones." Read more.
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