AiC Members - In The News! (July 2017)

  • "Hopefully by the end of the three-day program, they will be able to make their own apps to help impact their community. So that kind of exposure, we're hoping will interest them to go toward this field and to seek other opportunities and seek that support and backing to encourage them to keep going in this field." AiC Community Member, Saumya Rawat is using her AspireIT program as a way to empower girls in Dallas. Read on to find out how.  
  • Check out the highlights from 2017 Minnesota Aspirations in Computing Award Ceremony celebrating their local AiC Recipients and Educator award winner. Congratulations on an amazing event! Watch here.
  • Thinking about learning to code this summer? Well, AiC Community Member Abril Vela has some tips to help get you started! Read more.
  • We spy AiC Community Members Maya Varma and Christina Li on the FIRST Robotics home page! They’re FIRST Famous! Way to go. Check it out!
  • “Use your resources. Follow up with everyone you meet. Ask for help. As you build these relationships, people will think more and more about you when opportunities come up.” // Get more tips on how to powerfully network your internship this summer from AiC Community Member Cassidy Williams (and others)! Read on for more.
  • "If you want to hear about women in tech who are changing the world, you do not need to look up a top ten list of famous entrepreneurs. In fact, many of the most inspiring females in the computing industry might be close to your age. I know... it sounds strange how people who are teenagers can be changing a whole group of people when it has been a certain way for a very long time. Well, times are changing and with groups like the National Center for Women and Information Technology, teens everywhere are able to make a difference in the tech world." // Thanks to AiC Community Member Emma Koslow for her inspiring words. Read on for more.


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