AiC Members In the News (January 2021)

  • AiC Community Member Angelik Laboy Torres wanted to help members of her family who were struggling with diabetes, so she “created a non-intrusive, wearable technology that helps diabetics painlessly monitor their glucose levels.” Learn more about her tech journey in this Forbes profile

  • “It’s exciting to see young students eager to learn about how to secure their online presence at school, home, and in their community.” // AiC Community Member Samina Mondal started a cybersecurity curriculum for K-12 students that now reaches students across the country. Find out more here

  • “Being a girl in STEM and different biases that I’ve had to deal with… I think that has definitely influenced what I do and why I want to do it so that I can set up a better pathway for future generations after me.” // AiC Community Member and GeekWire Junior Geek of the Month Merrill Keating loves finding ways to use technology to give back to her community. Learn about her many initiatives here.

  • What factors determine how well a plant will grow… in space? That’s what AiC Community Member Melika Osareh is trying to find out! She and her research colleagues are testing seedlings to determine which varieties are most resistant to changes in gravity. Learn more about her experiments here.

January Shoutouts

The results are in! The recipients of the 2021 NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing were announced this January, and local news outlets are ready to celebrate winners from their districts. We spotted these names in the news: Kathryn Moran; Janae Cunningham; Shardha Godishala, Keerthi Peddinti, and Alli Smith.

Aspirations Community: 
National Award

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