AiC Members - In the News (January 2019)

  • 2019 AiC Award Winner and Yorktown, NY Senior Class President Sayli Satpute was the subject of this “Student Spotlight!” See how she’s pursuing her goal of becoming a doctor while also exploring American history and helping younger girls discover STEM.

  • Watch AiC Community Member Megan Loh in action! This ABC News “Cool Kid” segment features Megan teaching elementary school girls to build their own robots in the AspireIT program she developed in partnership with the Fullerton, California Boys and Girls Club.

  • This month, Wogrammer featured AiC Community Member Pia Sen in an Instagram profile, where she shares about her innovative work in astrobiology.

  • 2018 AiC Award Winner Jothi Ramaswamy is in the spotlight in this news feature. Find out how her work has her meeting up with influencers from Tim Cook to Michelle Obama!

  • Seven members of the AiC Community were named Global Teen Leaders by Three Dot Dash and the We Are Family Foundation! Go here to see how these teens are developing innovative tech approaches to  the world’s most pressing problems.

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