AiC Members - In The News (January 2018)

  • AiC Community Member and High School Senior Rebecca Kahn emailed Apple CEO Tim Cook in hopes of getting his insights in an interview for a school project. The connection sparked ideas on both sides of the conversation, and soon, NCWIT and Apple Inc. were collaborating on the new Innovator to Innovator mentorship program, which pairs high school women interested in STEM careers with Apple executives. Get the full story here and find more highlights from the iconic conversation in this article from CNBC!

  • AiC Community Member Mireya Sanchez-Maes was featured in this Las Cruces Sun Times piece, after she was selected as one of 41 national recipients of the 2018 Award for AiC. Congratulations, Mireya!

  • AiC Community Member Ava DeLaCruz received this shout-out from for being the first student from her high school to receive national recognition from NCWIT, after she was named an AiC Award Honorable Mention Recipient. Great job, Ava!

  • “Because there's a place for anyone in any field, and I think it's important if you have a passion for it, to not let the idea that it's mostly male dominated stop you. Because doing what you love and that you're good at is so much more important than letting someone stop you," says AiC Community Member Jenna Nesmith to women and girls who are interested in STEM careers. Watch the WMBF News feature here!

  • AiC Community Member Bekah Agwunobi finished her school’s computing curriculum by eighth grade, then took on an internship at the University of Southern California’s Integrated Media Systems Center. Learn more about Bekah’s impressive achievements in this profile from the USC Viterbi School of Engineering!

  • AiC Community Member Kyla Guru talked to WHIW 101.3 FM - Harvard Community Radio’s "The Deep Dive" recently about the AiC Community and her startup, Bits N' Bytes Cybersecurity. Go, Kayla!

  • Check it out! Six out of these 33 "2018 Global Teen Leaders" are AiC Community Members! A huge congratulations to Akshaya Dinesh, Carisa Shah, Erin Smith, Jothi Ramaswamy, Kyla Guru, and Sharon Lin. Way to rock it.

  • “I just want to say how grateful I am of NCWIT; I'm so glad to be part of this wonderful group of girls and women in technology! Truly, NCWIT provides so many excellent opportunities, resources, and support. As a part of this group for three years now, NCWIT has only encouraged me more into CS. Also, extra thanks to #AspireIT to inspire girls into STEM! I just want to share pictures of this recent AspireIT program I've done (with special thanks to Swetha Prabakaran). The girls were super excited about programming Sphero Robots. Through AspireIT, my confidence in teaching, leadership, and public speaking has improved. Otherwise, I might not have even initiated the many other CS educational outreach programs in my city. I encourage you to apply! Thank you so much, NCWIT community!” // And, thank YOU, AiC Community Member Cindy Shi for sharing your #iAspire story with us.

  • I was not expecting to win this competition at all but when the representative from my district called me to announce that I was the winner, I was speechless. However, I felt proud that my idea is being recognized because it is an issue that needs to be solved in today’s world.” // A huge congratulations to Diana Balderas, just one of the many AiC Community members who make up the list of 2017 Congressional App Challenge winners. Diana’s hunger-prevention app, Food Distribution, was the district winner for California’s 23rd Congressional District.

  • “I got to see these kids go from not knowing what STEM is, to getting really excited when we were there. It’s like a feedback loop. When they get excited, it would get me excited.” // Read on to learn more about AiC Community Member and #AspireIT Program Leader Sharleen Loh’s experiences.

  • One of the things that really solidifies your interest is the community you create. I knew I wanted to leave some kind of impact in Middleton that would make computer science more accessible.” // AiC Community Member and #AspireIT Program Leader Rachel Woody shares here about how she hopes to inspire other young technologists in her hometown of Middletown.

  • Who is that we see on the list of Teen Vogue’s #21Under21? It’s AiC Community Member Saanya Bhargava! Saanya is not only a member of the AiC Community, but she is also the co-founder of the STEM Advocacy Conference of Texas, which pursues gov­ernment funding of STEM education in underserved communities, and impact.gravitas, which is dedicated to devel­oping alternative solutions to ocean plastic pollution. Way to go, Saanya! Read the full article here.

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