AiC Members - In The News! (January 2017 #1)

  • “In addition to showing my brothers and sister that you can have whatever you want if you believe in God and have faith, I’ve always charged myself with being the change I wish to see in the community -- right now that change is the technology industry.” // We’re not surprised to see AiC Community Member Khalia Braswell listed here
  • "What does a student coding in a white mask have in common with a New Zealand man struggling with a passport photo? Both individuals found themselves on the wrong side of computational decisions." AiC Community Member Joy Buolamwini explains the #CodedGaze
  • “Nothing feels better than sitting down and typing out a line of code and running it. This is why I am very determined to pursue a career in STEM.” ~ AiC Community Member, and future Katherine JohnsonRebecca Taylor
  • “I want to be like Katherine Johnson because I've always had a love for the tech world ever since I got involved in video games such as World of Warcraft and a variety of other MMORPGS at a young age.” // We spy AiC Community Member Kai Morton, featured as a future Katherine Johnson. We couldn’t agree more! 
  • AiC Community Member Joy Buolamwini gave a TEDx talk on the formation of the Algorithmic Justice League. Are you ready to fight the coded gaze? 
  • “(I want) to expand the community of technology culture,” said AiC Community Member Moya Ly. She and fellow AiC Community Member Emily Wang teamed up to start the “you.code () Programming Club for Girls.” Way to go, Moya and Emily! 
  • AiC Community Member Jasmine Lee talks about her passion for STEM and her efforts to interest others in STEM on an "Education Today" segment on NBC4's Daytime Columbus show. Go, Jasmine! 
  • “Consistently being the only black woman in the room felt like a responsibility, and that pressure was exhausting. However, over the years of interning out in the Bay Area and now having moved here, things are much better because I’ve found a community. I no longer feel alone, because I’ve surrounded myself with friends and mentors that I know I can always lean on.” // AiC Community Member Mopewa Ogundipe talks about her experiences being a POC in tech with People of Color In Tech
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