AiC Members In the News (February 2021)

  • “At 17 years old, [AiC Community Member Kavya] Kopparapu invented Eyeagnosis, a device that connects to your smartphone that can take a photo of your retina. It uses an artificial intelligence algorithm that processes the image and provides a diagnosis for diabetic retinopathy.” // Learn more about Kavya’s innovations in this profile.

February Shoutouts

AiC Community members are up to great things, and we’re not the only ones who are excited about it. Local news outlets honored many students and educators this month, including: Sara Fung; Adena Russel; Alexis Bunnell; Amanda Eshelman; Laurel Shugart; Kamryn Ohly; Asmi Kumar; Nasrin Ali; Aya Ahmed; Carlie Scheer and Alana Schmalzried-Lugo; Megan Howell, Oceana Covington and Laysa Sreenivasan; Claire Zhao and Shirley Xu; three students from Fairfax County, Virginia; four students from Columbia, South Carolina; six students from Huntsville, Alabama; eight students from Lee’s Summit, Missouri; seven students from Warren Hills, New Jersey; two students from Guelph, Ontario; twelve students from Huntington, West Virginia; four students from Cambridge, Massachusetts; and four students from Lake Placid, New York. Congratulations to all!

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