AiC Members in the News (February 2020)

  • “Addressing algorithmic bias is like hygiene,” AiC Community Member Joy Buolamwini told a reporter from The Stanford Daily. “You don’t brush once, you don’t floss once, you do it over and over again.” Learn about the work she’s doing to address bias in facial recognition technology  in this article in The Stanford Daily and this NPR interview.

  • “Since the field has so many applications and is becoming increasingly relevant in the modern world, I think that programming languages should be as common in schools as Spanish and French.” // In this interview, AiC Community Member Molly Limaye talks about her research on using AI to help patients with dementia.

  • In this article, AiC Community Member DayLynn Hughes talks about how her participation in programs like Aspirations in Computing and the Topeka Center for Advanced Learning and Careers has helped give her the confidence to pursue her dreams in the field of Computer Science. 

  • “You really get to interact with people that are in the field and that are more experienced, and you get to learn a lot from them.” // AiC Community Member Hannah De Luna shares about her AspireIT program and the benefits of the Las Vegas Affiliate Award for Aspirations in ComputingAward event inon this CBS News interview!

  • “[They] find out what their strengths are and then they work together as a team and collaborate together to solve puzzles.” // In this article, AiC Community Member Quincy Stewart and AiC Educator Award Recipient Sharon Seaton talk about how their school’s Girls Who Code club helps high school women explore their unique passions within the field of computing.

  • “When I first received this award, I wasn’t aware of the vast cyber community. But now, I know I can meet phenomenal women who are experts in computing and engineering… I look to them to expand my knowledge and experience.” // AiC Community Members Annabelle Klosterman, Destiny Thunder, and others share how the CybHER Security Institute at Dakota State University has helped them pursue their passions for computing in this feature.

  • “The award means a lot because it recognizes all of the hard work that usually goes unnoticed outside of the classroom.” // In this article, AiC Community members from Porter-Gaud School in Charleston, South Carolina share about how they've been supported in pursuing their computer science goals. 

February Shoutouts

When we announced the names of the 400 National Award for AiC Winners and Honorable Mentions earlier this year, it seems the world took notice. This month, we’re thrilled to see so many 2020 Award for AiIC recipients being celebrated in their hometown news! We spotted Kathleen Julca; seven students from the Southern Nevada region; Shelley Charlton; six students from Lake Placid, New York; Amulya Garimella; four students from Prospect Hill Academy Charter School in Massachusetts; Anne Hageman; Anais Levi; seven students from Western Missouri and Kansas; three students from Whitewater, Wisconsin; Sahana Vandayar; Bebe Holloway; Anne Hageman; Perisa Ashar; Maryssa Rodriguez; five students and one teacher from Gulf Breeze, Florida; and fourteen students from Charleston, South Carolina.

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