AiC Members - In The News! (February 2017)

  • “She brings a strong female presence to the robot design team and is paving the way for other girls on the Bomb Squad to get more involved in the robot. Anna noticed a lack of female interested in our community for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) activities. So she took it on herself to create and mentor a robotics team for sixth through eighth-grade girls.” // Jackie Meissner, High School EAST Facilitator, talks about AiC Community Member Anna Fisher. We’re proud to have you in the community, Anna!
  • “My interest in bringing ideas to life and bringing devices together in an augmented reality has truly inspired me to pursue my passion in computer science.” // Get to know AiC Community Member Cindy Kohlleppel in her Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls profile. Go, Cindy!
  • “One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.” ~ Helen Keller // AiC Community Member Cassidy Williams shares some of her favorite inspirational quotes to live by. What are yours?
  • We love catching local shout-outs to our Award for AiC recipients! Like this one to Stephanie Fu! Way to rock it, Stephanie!
  • “Learning to code has also given me skills to give back to my community and change the world. People who are deaf can hear because of code. People who need help can call emergency services because of code. Computer science is a transforming agent for our society.” // 2017 National AiC Award Winner Briana Berger shares why she loves to code.
  • “I realized that my passions lied in helping students learn through technology, and I wanted to dedicate 100% of my time to that. Around the middle of junior year, I graduated early to devote all of my time towards doing so.” // AiC Community Member Gemma Busoni shared the story of her unconventional college path.
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