AiC Members - In the News (December 2019)

  • “When you have service at the center of what it is you’re doing, then whatever career you’re in, you’re meeting a greater purpose other than just working, than just making money.” // In this feature, get to know AiC Community Member Ambica Ramchandra, a college student who’s using tech to teach girls that they’re powerful. 

  • AiC Community Member Sejal Mehra combined her passion for engineering with her love of art to create a powerful new mural for the Light Engineering building at Stony Brook University, where she is a student. See the installation, and learn about Sejal’s inspiration, here.

  • “The importance of a codeHER instructor is more than just a teacher, but as a role model, a mentor [and] as a sister." // AiC Community Member Saniya Vashist founded a nonprofit to help girls learn to code and become leaders in their communities. Now, codeHER is reaching students from Baltimore to Morocco. Read Saniya’s story here

  • 2019 #NCWITAiC National Educator Award Recipient (and NCWIT Counselors for Computing participant) Buffy Smith was recognized on the floor of the U.S. Congress for her efforts to make computing education accessible for all Montana students. Read Congressman Greg Gianforte’s statement here

  • “Growing up, I didn't see anybody who looked like me. I didn't see any women of color in STEM... And that's why I called my organization See Me In STEM.” // AiC Community Member Aja Capel talks about teaching kids to code in this NBC feature.

  • “Without women of color to help bring their experience to the designing table, people of color and women are left unserved by technology.” // In this article, AiC Community Member Joy Buolamwini is named as someone whose work is helping to identify and address the biases that are built into technology when diverse perspectives are not included in the development process.

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