AiC Members - In the News (August 2019)

  • “We are generally at our best when we are all helping each other,” U.S. Senator Maggie Hassan, D-New Hampshire, told participants in an AspireIT-supported app coding class taught by AiC Community Members Leah Marville and Sara Fung. Find out what the students were learning in this article

  • “Because I have experienced the gender inequality in STEM first hand, I want to be a role model for younger kids who feel like they do not have a voice.” // Get to know AiC Community Member Alyssa Shah in this Women Who Reign profile.  

  • “Technology is the future, it’s going to be in everything.” // #NCWITAiC Community Member Lucinda Quintal and her friend Chloe Beittel started their own coding camp to give middle school girls an encouraging environment to explore programming. Get the scoop here

  • AiC Community Member and FRobotics Team President Courtney Sheridan has had a busy summer! She and her teammates revamped their robot; snagged first place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Steel City Showdown; and hosted outreach events to get kids excited about tech. Read about their recent win, and see what’s next for the team, here.

  • AiC Community Member Arial Saultz was featured by Wogrammer in an Instagram profile this month. Go here to see some of the brands she’s worked with since she started pursuing a Computer Science degree in college at age 14!

  • AiC Community Member Anjali Chadha grew up thinking about how technology could help her entrepreneur parents, and others in her community, be more successful. Learn more about Anjali’s tech journey in this profile.

  • Two community members from Merrill, Wisconsin got a shout-out here and here for the Wisconsin Affiliate Awards for AiC that they received earlier this year.

  • “The biggest thing I have learned this summer was understanding the bigger picture by seeing how each team and role fits into the creation of the final product.” // Read about three AiC Community members’ internships with Land O’Lakes here.

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