AiC Members - In the News (August 2018)

  • AiC Community Members Amanda Tomes and Rayanne Liester, along with 12 other high school juniors and seniors from South Dakota, were invited to the Rocket Girls CyberSpace Camp at the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, where they explored online security and the history of space travel. Read about their adventure here!

  • At age 8, AiC Community Member Madison Kenney recalls, “I got the chance to program these little [mechanical] alligators to open and close their mouths at a table kiosk for the Georgia Institute of Technology. I did not want to leave! I told my mom that this is what I wanted to do.” Find out how she’s now passing on her love of robotics to middle school girls in this article.

  • Sisters and AiC Community Members Wendy Shi and Cindy Shi started the SparkIT computing camp in Gaithersburg, Maryland to encourage younger girls to consider careers in tech. This Voice of America video feature about the camp highlights participants’ work with robotics. Tune in to watch campers program their Sphero robots to navigate mazes and tackle obstacles!

  • AiC Community Member Manya Trehan is getting a high-level view of New Jersey’s STEM initiatives as a new member of the highly selective Governor’s STEM Scholars program. Go here to see how she’ll be contributing to her state’s STEM community.

  • Learn about AiC Community Member Bailee Sjostrom’s new position as a High School Consulting Intern with the Advanced Technology Group in Missoula, Montana in this profile!

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