AiC Members - In the News (April 2019)

  • In the AspireIT Smart Code of Life camp, AiC Community Member Ambica Ramchandra teaches middle school girls about the connections between neuroscience, app development, entrepreneurship, and the Internet of Things. Get a glimpse behind the scenes of this program in this feature.

  • AiC Community Member Johnneisha White was honored as an Emerging Student Leader for her work as president of Trinity University Women in Computing and as a supportive RA for first-year college students. This story has all the details. Congratulations, Johnneisha!

  • From designing an app that tells users which stores accept food stamps to studying ways to integrate universal design into computer science curriculum, AiC Community Member Victoria Chávez is passionate about using technology to make the world more accessible for all. Find out why her interest in computing made her a teenage rebel in this article.

  • For AiC Community Member Nicole Williams, persistence pays off: she’s leaving high school with a robust portfolio and several tech clients. Now she’s working on “an app to help people with executive dysfunction caused by mental illness to keep track of their daily tasks, show their daily achievements and to congratulate them along the way.” Get to know Nicole in this profile!

  • Expanding access to computing education for students throughout rural Montana is one of 2019 #NCWITAiC National Educator Award Recipient Buffy Smith’s passions. Learn more about this inspirational teacher and her many contributions here.

April Shoutouts

As the end of the school year gets closer, many of our community members are being honored for their achievements in awards ceremonies across the nation. We love seeing both students and educators from the Aspirations in Computing Community getting recognition, and we’re celebrating right along with you! Spotted in the news this month: Mickayla Harris; Karma Turner; Jossie Baggett; Caroline Balick; Diane Lipka; Hope Chambers; Olivia Glasman and Delilah Harris; Evelin Vasquez; Olivia Yang; three community members from Lakeville, Minnesota; three community members from Maple Grove, Minnesota; 20 students and 2 educators from Montana (and also here); and 79 students from Clark County, Nevada.

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