AspireIT Toolkit: Wrap-up and Future Planning

Congratulations on wrapping your AspireIT program, but you are not done yet! There are still a few things to do and consider:

  • Complete final reports and surveys for Leaders or Partners within 14 days of your AspireIT wrap-up. You can find these in the AspireIT Portal under the Survey tab in your Program Session Details.

  • Share any press attention your program received, using this form.

  • Share three to five of your best images, using this form.

  • What do you want for the future of your program? Do you want to run it again, or do you want to hand over management to someone in the Aspirations in Computing Community or your local network? Do you want to help girls take the next step? The Planning for Your Program's Future document can help you think about these questions and more.




AspireIT Toolkit


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